Loans Boxes

An excellent tool for all age groups

Loans Boxes are just one of the services we offer to Education and the Care sector. Each box contains a variety of items which can be used to enhance the teaching of many subject areas, including history, art and design, science and drama.  They have applications to all age groups - stimulating mental activity in the elderly and acting as a focus for discussion and creative activity at any curriculum key stage.

You will find a wide variety of different topic covered below, from Tudor life to the 1950's, a Victorian school day to the War at Home. Each will spark off fascinating conversayions because of the memories or questions generated. 

We regularly receive positive feedback of the discussions and learning created by loans boxes. Please note, however that these aids are very popular. To alert us to your interest please add the box(es) most of interest to you below to your basket and checkout.  There is no committment involved as they are at zero price. We will then contact you to inform you of the availability of the boxes in question and agree which you wish to book for. The price of a box is actually £15 for a loan period of up to 2 weeks, but a lower rate is available for longer term booking.

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