See what's behind the scenes

This website,, will always be the place to go to find  the latest news about what is happening at Bailiffgate-the latest exhibitions and events etc when you want to visit us next. Visit us and see three floors of fascinating items and exhibitions. 

There is, however, a huge amount of other,  fascinating material that we just don't have room to show in the museum. These archives are therefore being made accessible through our new, second website

This material includes such aspects as:

All of these are being added to all the time, so it's always worth a look at 

Shrovetide Football for web 2

Watch videos on "Bailiffgate TV" including one about the ancient and bizarre Shrove Tuesday football match, still played today.

Alnmouth 32 for web

Plenty of wonderful old photographs, posters and even saucy postcards in our "Collections".

37 trenches cropped

An online database of the over 1500 fallen from Alnwick District in WW1, with touching personal details.

Plus so much more. Check out now.