Supporting education at all levels

We provide help to those working in education and to parents in a number of ways. For example: 

Carrying out School Visits - We aim to support teaching and learning at all key stages through visits to schools and colleges.

Using Bailiffgate as a focus for Hands on Activity - we invite teachers to  use the space and materials to be found at Bailiffgate as learning aids.

Generating Early Years Activity  - We lead the use of art materials, dressing up resources etc. at Bailiffgate at special sessions. We also run Museum Tots and Family Fun days.

Offering Loans Box Hire – These are applicable to all ages;  from young people exploring history to older people for reminiscence work. See our wide range of loans boxes and book your chosen selection(s).

Please use the contact form below to explain your particular interests and needs in the field of Education. We will be delighted to discuss these with you.

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