Mouse Competition/Adoption

They seek them everywhere!

Children love our mouse hunt around the museum. This year as part of the summer fashion exhibition, 40 beautiful hand-made museum mice are all getting dressed up in special costumes. Every mouse has their own name and character. 

You will find them hidden around the museum and around Alnwick town shops. See how many you can find using the special free entry form here and you could win one of our great prizes. 

As well as looking for all the mice, you can also sponsor one, which is yours to keep once the exhibition is over. Your name as sponsor can also be shown on the website, if you wish, during the time of the exhibition.

Sponsorship per mouse is £10 for individuals or £25 for companies. (If you are a company, please contact us).

There are lots of different mice, all of whom have different personailties, so there's bound to be at least one that you love!  Click on the images below for more details of each.

Mouse group prop

For more information, or for company sponsorship, please contact us