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A recreation of a Victorian Print Shop as used by William Davison, the important and prolific printer, apothecary and newspaper proprietor. Founder of the paper which became the Northumberland Gazette.

Each item in our collection has its own curious and unique story. Ending up at Bailiffgate they start a new life, becoming part of the history of the museum. We offer you the unique chance to help us raise essential funds. Adopt one of our fascinating items or displays, and become part of the story yourself.

Adoption costs £50 a year for an individual and £100 for a company. All proceeds go to Bailiffgate Museum to help us fund our daily running costs. Please remember that we receive no fixed grant from the government. We depend heavily upon the generosity of our supporters, be that friends, visitors or adopters.

Your donation brings you a special adoption certificate and a digital image of your object. You also receive free visits to your item and your name credited on our website if you wish. You can also have your name or that of a person you are remembering in the display near your item.

For companies, we offer your logo on our website and a name credit near the item. Also an invitation to attend our special exhibition launches events throughout the year, a special adoption certificate and a digital image of your object. There is also the chance for a photo opportunity with the item to use on your website or in local pres.

Whether as a gift for a friend, your company, or for yourself; adopting an object is a wonderful way to support your local Museum. You can adopt for one year or for several years at a time, it is up to you.

The adoption objects below illustrate some of the wide variety of adoptions open to you. Some objects may currently be sponsored, but near the end of their term. Please put all objects of interest to you into your basket and check out. We will contact you to explain the situation on your chosen objects and the options available. You have made no commitment until any adoption has been mutually agreed.

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