Don’t worry if it’s raining…

There is lots to do at Bailiffgate, even if it’s raining.

Along with two floors of interesting exhibits on the history of the Alnwick area, there is also our festival of Toys and Games this summer.
As well as all the many features and exhibits around 100 Years of Toys, there is also a further ever-popular Teddy Bears Picnic on 26th August.

Teddy Bears Picnic Sunday 26th August. Teddy Bear crafts from 11am. Sandwich making in the afternoon then a picnic (outside on steps if fine, inside if wet). Children free admission if they bring a teddy. Morning visitors can retain their receipt and come back for the picnic.

Don’t forget that a Friends Membership allows you and your family to visit the museum at no extra cost for a whole 12 months, so snap it up!