Alnwick District

in the

Great War

Guidance for Teachers


‘Calling all Great War Detectives!’


Dear Teachers


Welcome to this splendid resource to support your teaching of the First World War. Sources, resources and activities have been selected and designed to encourage children to take an active part in investigating this momentous event and, to come away with a deeper understanding of how conflicts happen as well as broadening their sense of humanity.


Below is a list of the contents, drawn from a range of sources, to illustrate the impact of the First World War on Alnwick District. A summary of the contents of each lesson is given and broadly the age range to which they are aimed. However, your knowledge of your pupils will best determine what to include, miss out or modify.


Best wishes for successful investigations.




Lesson 1 (Key Stage 1 and 2) - Memory and Remembrance

How do we remember things about the First World War?




Lesson 2 (upper Key Stage 2 and 3) - What was Alnwick like on the eve of the Great War? Shops, schools and houses. Finding your way round the town.




Lesson 3 (upper Key Stages 2 and 3) – What preparations and changes happened to Alnwick at the start of the First World War? Invasion fears and Training camps for the soldiers.




Lesson 4 (upper Key Stages 2 and 3) – Plot the streets in Alnwick where the casualties came from




Lesson 5 (upper Key Stages 2 and 3) – Investigating the lives of the Fallen in Alnwick. Tracing the families through primary sources.




Lesson 6 (upper Key Stage 2 and 3) – Investigating what happened to a foreign national in Northumberland – Pietro Polsinelli, Spy or Innocent Musician?




Lesson 7 (upper Key Stage 2 and 3) – How was the war fought? Trenches, Weapons and Battles.