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On this page we will post up for free information on those looking to learn more about their family from the Alnwick areaIf you can help with information about the names shown, or would like an appeal posted here, please use this contact form, putting in as much information as you can. 

If you would like us to carry out specific research into your family tree etc, the branch will be pleased to do so in return for a modest  donation to branch funds, to help us support further facilities etc . Please use the Contact form to request help and we will get back to you with an estimate of the time the work will take. Please give us as much information as you have already-names, dates, locations etc. This will avoid wasted time and cost for both parties

To learn more about researching your family why not  join us at the Alnwick Branch of the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society? . Email or ring 01665 604502 for details about the society.

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Case: The Embleton Family of Bamburgh/Lucker 

Anyone researching, or related to this family, please contact us on , as we have someone very keen to learn more..



Case:  Famous Victorians of Alnwick



Alnwick Family History Society is about to be involved in a major project about the lives of certain leaders of the Victorian community of the town.

If you are a descendent of, or have any information about any of those below we would love to hear from you

  • John Atkinson (1829-1861) Army Officer
  • Walter Ballantyne (1802 - ?) Teacher Of Mathematics
  • William Barnfather (1789-1872) Architect
  • William Blarkey (1803 - ?) Master Mariner
  • Thomas Bradley (1817 - ?) General Practitioner
  • Edward G. Brown (b. 1823) Artist
  • George Burrell (1777-1853) Army Officer
  • William John Carr (1811 - ?) Solicitor
  • William Dickson (1799-1875) Solicitor
  • Robert Dawson Ferguson (1821-1878) Accountant
  • Henry Gibb ( 1822-1898) Accountant
  • Court Granville (1808-1871) Clergyman
  • Hall George1783-1857) Navy Officer
  • Edward Anthony Hedley (1807-1867) Physician
  • Francis Holland (1815 - ?) Agent To Duke Of Northumberland
  • John Bartholomew Holland (c. 1821-1894) Schoolmaster
  • William Hubbick (1806-1854) Veterinary Surgeon
  • McDonald James (1825-?) Civil Engineer
  • William Johnson (1803-1878) Actuary
  • Anthony Lambert (1817 - ?) Solicitor & Treasurer Of County Court
  • George Craster Lambert (1825-1898) East India Service
  • William Leithead (1804 - ?) Author
  • Edward Marr (1793 - ?) Artist
  • William McDougal (1794-1875) law Clerk
  • Isaac Newton (c.1831-1868) Musician
  • Frederick William Pond (1824-c. 1890) Inland Revenue Officer
  • William Richards (1811 - ?) Local Preacher
  • Thomas Rickerby (1807 - ?) Officer For The Relief Of Casual Poor
  • Henry R Ridley (1816 - ?) Curate
  • Thomas Robertson (1823 - ?) Portrait & Animal Painter
  • George Selby (1789-1867) Navy Officer
  • Prideaux Selby (1810-1872) Barrister
  • Robert Simpson (1805 - ?) Ship Agent
  • Edward Augustine Storer (1825-1877) Bankers Clerk
  • Thomas Thompson (1810 - ?) Superintendant Of Police
  • Phillip Thornton (1805 - ?) Surgeon & General Practitioner
  • George Trotter (1815 - ?) Schoolmaster
  • George Tute (1806 - ?) Postmaster
  • James Watson (1804 - ?) Land Surveyor
  • John Watson (1768-1854) Surveyor
  • George Wilson (1781-1856) Surgeon




Case : Wilkin and Dickman Ironmongers : Descendents of Henry P Wilkin 



The Ironmongery shop of Wilkin and Dickman was a feature of Bondgate, Alnwick for over 50 years. Opening in the early 1840's the business thrived right through till the early 1900's. 

Henry P Wilkin the co-founder was a  descendant of Thomas Wilkin (1738-1799), Land Surveyor to the Duke of Northumberland who married a Jane Lorain in Hexham Abbey in 1736.

It is believed that relatives of Henry Wilkin may well still be living in the area. A descendent now living in Bournemouth is coming up to Alnwick in March 2015 hoping to meet with anyone who believes they are related, or has links to the business.

Please use the website contact form  or ring 01665 604502 to allow the Family History Society to let the person know of your link and contact details (Your personal details will not be passed on to any other 3rd party)



Case:  Gunner Harry Brown (relatives around Alnmouth/Alnwick?) 


                                                                        Harry's grave in Bexhill Cemetery

Seeing Gunner Harry Brown's entry on Alnmouth war memorial and a death date on his records of September 1916, one could be forgiven for assuming that he died on the Somme battlefields, along with around 150 other young men from this area alone. In some ways his death is even more tragic- although almost certainly linked to a tale of heroism the previous year.

Henry (Harry) Brown and his father William were fishermen in Alnmouth. Returning to harbour one day in April 1915  their boat, the Sanspareil was hit by a massive wave and capsized. PC Willoughby, the local policeman happened to observe the drama and dived in the water. Although all three men were in mortal danger the plucky policeman somehow dragged father William to shore, whilst Harry just managed to reach shallow water. Both father and son were deeply affected by the near-death experience, however. The older man never fully recovered from the shock and died in November that year.

Harry joined the Royal Garrison Artillery and was on the south coast under training in 1916, but it seems likely that he was deeply affected both by his near-drowning and by the subsequent death of his father. On 25th September a lady walking on the seashore at Bexhill came across the body of a soldier, fully dressed on the edge of the water. The Coroner subsequently returned an open verdict on his death.




It is believed by a descendent of the Brown family now living elsewhere that there may be relations still in the Alnmouth/ Alnwick area that she would like to get in touch with. If you have any information do please contact us  using the link or ring Alnwick  Family History Society on 01665 604502.




Case :  The Stewarts/ Stevensons



This is the family of Henry and Mary Stewart (centre of photo) of Morpeth,  and licensees of the Black Swan Inn of Alnwick from 1911 until 1921.

Georgina Frances, far right is my maternal grandmother after marrying Thomas Stevenson of Alnwick in April 1913 in Alnwick. They, in turn had Henry Lewis, Doris Isabel, Georgina Mary and (my dad) Matthew George. Thomas’s parents were John Stevenson and Isabella Slight. They emigrated to Saskatchewan around 1885 and stayed for around 9 years before returning to Alnwick.

Hopefully there may be someone in Alnwick who’s researching related Stevenson Lines

T. S.     Perth, Western Australia



Case : The Wilsons



A Peterborough man, David Wilson, has got in touch with the Gazette with the hope that our readers may be able to help him find out more about his family history.
He is looking into his ancestors, who came from the Northumberland and Durham areas.
The photo above features members of his family in the 1950s/60s and he wondered if anyone recognises one or more of them.




"You found out lots for me and recommended what I do next.  I ordered the marriage certificate for my grandparents and I just got it through on Saturday.  It was so exciting to get it"."All your help was brilliant and I can't tell you how much this means to me   J Nelson"