Volunteer Stories

The thing that will strike you as soon as you begin to read our "volunteer stories" is that every one is very different.


                                                               Volunteers involved in a recent Strategic Planning event 

Every person is unique in their skill set, background and aspirations. It is important for us to talk to potential volunteers on a no-committment basis, discovering what are their particular interests and intentions. How much time can you make available - from a day a month to one a week? Would you like a job meeting the public or are you a back-room person? Do you enjoy research and desk-based activity or are you very hands-on?

Amongst the stories (see left)  are those who have left full time work and those who choose to volunteer for a change/interest whilst still employed. Our webmaster clearly enjoyed his previous full-time job, as he is doing the same thing for Bailiffgate!

Whatever you are looking for, whether it is for interest, to help you onto the empoyment ladder, to fill in a potential "gap" in your CV between jobs or as a retirement activity, do please use the form below to contact us. We can then either talk one to one with you or you can attend one of our volunteer events and meet other existing and potential volunteers.

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