As you would expect in a Museum popular with families, we have a wide range of traditional children’s toys on sale, including replicas of popular toys from long ago which today’s children find fascinating. Everything from Diablos to Jacks and Pick-Up Sticks – remember them?

Also popular are our cuddly soft toys, hand puppets, key rings and books about wildlife. All very affordable with prices beginning at only £3.25 for the cutest little animal cuddly toy. 

Dominoes, Kaleidoscopes, Skipping Ropes and Yoyos are just a few more of the old favourites we have on our shelves, in addition to some modern pocket money items, such as  our “smiley bendy men” and “squeeze mice”.




If you’re looking for activity ideas on rainy days, our Usborne ‘Sticker’ books are always popular, as are our colouring and puzzle books, and knitting dolls.



For information on any item, please contact