Dudley George  (Webmaster)



I have been involved in websites for many years now. My MBA thesis was a project to help UK schools begin buying their books, pencils etc online, saving them time and money and reducing administration costs. This was when websites were something new and frightening to many; how times have changed!  I have since been a director of a company supplying internal and external website systems to all kinds of companies and organisations. 

When I heard that Bailiffgate Museum was looking for a volunteer to help them create a new website, it seemed a logical use of my experience. I have since learnt a great deal more about the museum, its volunteers and systems in order to create this new site. I can say I have been very impressed indeed at the enthusiasm I have encountered. Everyone genuinely wants to make the museum the very best it can be.

I have also been greatly aided by Colin Harris Website Development, the tendered partner chosen to help me create the new site. We have developed some quite advanced capabilities that we hope you will find really useful.

One feature we have included in this site is to offer free links to the websites of all local businesses who could potentially be useful to those visiting the area. In addition to serving the people of North Northumberland, Bailiffgate Museum exists to help draw in more visitors and hence support our local economy.  Please contact me if you have any comments or suggestions about this website, or think you are a business with a relevant offering for visitors.