Loans Box -Coal Mining


Coal mining was a core activity for the North East for around 150 years. Contains a miner’s lamp, pit head bath soap and details of a mining disaster where children were killed.

This box could be used in conjunction with a trip to the replica coal mine in Bailiffgate Museum where children can actually explore and hear a miner speak..



1.0 The boxes are available for any institution to borrow for up to two weeks. The charge for this is £15 per box including VAT.

2.0 We are now able to offer the boxes for a six week half term period for £40 per box including VAT.

3.0 We are unable to offer a delivery or collection service.

4.0 Adult supervision is required at all times and users need to wash their hands after handling the artefacts.

5.0 Unsupervised use of any Loans Box within the Museum is available for £7.50 including VAT, pre-booking required.

Price is for the box to be COLLECTED and DELIVERED back intact. Any shortages or damages on return will be charged for at replacement value.


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