Adopt a Mouse – Red Riding Mouse


Red Riding Mouse tells every mouse in the museum that they have to watch out for the big bad wolf. They say “Oh NO” it’s the big bad cat you need to watch, but silly little Red Riding Mouse is convinced. She often goes into the woods next to Alnwick Castle with a picnic basket for granny, terrified..


Bailiffgate mice are all hand-made and each is an individual. They will be displayed all over the museum and in shops throughout the town during the period of our fashion exhibition in summer 2019. At the end of the exhibition the sponsors will be given their sponsored mice.

Adopt any mouse  for just £10 as an individual. It costs £25 for a company.  (Please contact us ref. company sponsorship). We  will be happy to display your logo on the website alongside your mouse and talk about other ways to promote your sponsorship. Please hurry though because they will go fast!



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