Posts from September 2014

Now : 12 Months Friends membership guaranteed

02/09/2014: A change in the way museum Friends' membership is administered means that 12 months of benefits always apply   Read »

Alnwick Camp 1914-1920

03/09/2014: How much do you know about the role Alnwick played in WW1 and the period when thousands of young men marched off to war?   Read »

Important new WW1 item now on show at Bailiffgate

13/09/2014: Bailiffgate Museum, currently holding an exhibition relating to World War One has had an exciting boost. A watch presented to a soldier who was awarded the Military Medal for extreme bravery at the front has been donated to, and is on show at the museum.   Read »

Wouldn't you love to make more for yourself and your family?

14/09/2014: One of our most successful ventures ever have been recent Saturday craft workshops. Everyone goes home with at least one new item and new skills.   Read »