Loans Box Hire    

These are large boxes containing a variety of items which can be used to enhance the teaching of many subjects, including history, art and design, science and drama.

They have applications to all age groups - from stimulating mental activity in the elderly to starting off school discussions at any curriculum key stage..               

                                         Memory Box Hire

Bailiffgate offers a range of  boxes containing original and replica artefacts and documents which can be borrowed for up to two weeks for the small charge of £15. The boxes come with an activity pack giving ideas on the use of the objects.

       Teachers can  download a free suggested activity sheet here

       There is a free worksheet for those working on reminiscence/ memory stimulation  here

Subjects covered by the boxes currently available are:

Overview of Current Loans Boxes


 1 Tudor Lives – replica artefacts, quill pens and ink and poems from Tudor times


 2 Tudor Clothes – Tudor style costumes for boys and girls up to age 10 approx


 3 Border Reivers – books, maps, CD, replica helmet and jacket, lantern, wooden plate and spoon


 4 Victorian School Day – slates and slate pencils, teacher’s cane, finger stocks and back board for fidgety/                 slouching pupils, ink pens and ink


 5 Victorian Life- replica and original household artefacts from Victorian times


 6 Victorian Clothes – mop caps, aprons, dresses, waistcoats, caps, (for a class of approx. 20)


 7 Victorian Clothes mop caps, aprons, dresses, waistcoats, caps,  (for a class of approx. 20)


 9 Washday – washday items including an old iron, games and books, clothes horse and sheets to make a den.             (Suitable for Early Years, KS1)


 10 Pre-World War 2 Domestic Life – household artefacts from the 1930s


 11 The Second World War at Home – leaflets and artefacts from wartime Britain including ARP warden helmet


 12 Women at War (WW2) Land Army uniform, Civil Defence Uniform, WI leaflets, cookery books and kitchen               items


 13 A Wartime Childhood (WW2)– homemade toys and games, an evacuee’s suitcase with typical items they              would be allowed to take away with them


 14 1960s  - items of clothing, household articles, books and newspapers from the 1960s


 15 Post War Life – items from the 1950s, including Coronation Souvenirs


 16 1950s Household – household items from the 1950s, including Coronation Souvenirs


 17 Childhood Memories – toys and games from the 1940s to date



 19 Toys and Games – a selection of replica and original toys and games from Ancient Egyptian times to the                  1970s


 20 Seaside Collection – old fashioned items your grandparents or great-grandparents would take for a day at the           beach including cameras and a knitted swimming costume


 21 The Sea and Fishing – early years games, books, sou’westers and sea shells (Suitable for Early Years,                 KS1)


 22 Glamour and Beauty – silk stockings, hair nets, compacts – everything to make a woman of the 1940s –                1950s look beautiful


  23 Coal Mining – a miner’s lamp, pit head bath soap, information about a mining disaster where children were                  killed.

Coming Soon Disease and Cure - covering in particular the cholera outbreak in Alnwick.

              (Each box contains a wide range of original and replica objects).


1.0 The boxes are available for any institution to borrow for up to two weeks. The charge for this is £15 per box including VAT.

2.0 We are now able to offer the boxes for a six week half term period for £40 per box including VAT.

3.0 We are unable to offer a delivery or collection service.

4.0 Adult supervision is required at all times and users need to wash their hands after handling the artefacts.

5.0 Unsupervised use of any Loans Box within the Museum is available for £7.50 including VAT, pre-booking required.


Download a loans box information pack here 


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