The Memory Store 


In these pages we aim to capture and share for posterity all the memories we can of those who have worked and lived in the Alnwick area.


This might include for example:

  •  Stories and recollections that your grandparents passed on of life in their time
  •  Wartime memories
  •  What life was like in the many companies and workplaces no longer in existence
  •  Memories of any era from rationing right through the Swinging Sixties to the recent past

We will be happy to carry out a short recorded  interview with you anywhere you like, from the Museum to a local cafe to your home. We use a simple hand-held recorder and the process is very informal. Check out some of the memories below. 

If you would like to help us, or can refer us to someone who you think would make a useful interviewee please just use our contact form

 In the Memory Store already we have written memories, sound memories and video memories, but we are hungry for more:


Former Pupils of The Convent School share their memories of the school based in the Sisters of Mercy Convent that was next door to Bailiffgate Museum. The oral histories are part of the current Then & Now Exhibition.


Carol Gibson and Hazel Slack attended the Convent School in Bailiffgate in the mid 1950s. Carol speaks first:




 Dot Brewis recalls her unhappy school days from the early 1950s.




 Adrienne Rowley remembers her time as a boarder:




Written Memories:  


        Material from the Alnwick Garden Heritage Project

                       "Digging for Memories"












  Sound Memories :



Hear a fascinating selection of recordings from the Rothbury Vintage day, as several people were kind enough to share the stories of  their most-loved possessions


      Rothbury Vintage Fair





 And from around Alnwick :



   Dougie Hedley explains how a man's best friend was his horse                  Tony  when delivering milk around Alnwick by yourself at 15.


   References: Milkman, deliveries, horse, Percy Terrace, Howick Street,           Lisburn Street, Green Batt, Beacom's Dairy Farm




   How Percy House became a haven for students from all over the          world.


     References:  Percy House, Percy Terrace, St Cloud University, America,        Germany, Switzerland   



     Jamie and his Music. How a gifted player views his art..


     References:   Jamie. Percy Terrace Project, Music, Violin







    The charming Lindley children (plus dog)  tell the story

                               of their house



         ( For other audio memories of Percy Terrace  go here





Video Memories:  


                                                                             Northern Flame- inspired by the Olympic Torch's journey through Northumberland in 2012,

This film relays the stories, heritage and culture of  just some of the folk who live here.         

( Bailiffgate Volunteers appear on stage at 7.00  mins)


Play Video                            





The Prince of Wales (Future Edward VIII)      

 arrives at Alnwick station in 1923              

and visits the War Memorial                    


Play Video                              . 




Lesbury Remembers:  

            Ron Black 


              Patterson Family


             Michael White


             Ken Middlemist     


              Judy Twine


              Joan Morrison


             Holmes Miller 



Hipsburn First School Project:        

Pat Rennison



Alnwick Swansfield Park Project:

Margaret Givens 



            Dennis Hayes