Please Note: There were no house numbers given at this time that allows direct comparison with current addresses. Some properties can occasionally be identified from other information.


First name

Surname Status   Age Occupation Where born Notes


1861 Census



George Richardson head 69  grocer Eglingham  
Sarah Richardson wife 69   Eglingham  
Thomas Henderson head 54  brewer Newcastle  
Ann Henderson wife 55   Simonburn  
Margaret Henderson dau 22  dressmaker Felton  
James Irving head 57  retired draper Scotland  
Ann Irving wife 60   Edlingham  
Mary Duncan niece 18  proprietor of houses Newcastle  
John  Brown head 78  woolstapler and agent Leeds  
         for NFU fire and life ins.    
Mary Kirkup servant 26  house servant Embleton  
George Carlington head 50  master baker employ 1 man Alnwick  
Mary Sanderson servant 55   maid of all work Longhoughton  
George Henderson head 42  master carpenter & joiner Scotland  
Ann Henderson wife 40   Holy Is  
Isabella Henderson dau 12  Scholar Alnwick  
Mary Ann Henderson dau 10  Scholar Alnwick  
William Henderson son 8  Scholar Alnwick  
Charlotte Henderson dau 5  Scholar Alnwick  
Elizabeth Rennie head 63  lets 2 rooms for lodgers Alnwick  
James Tait lodger 19  wood carver Shilbottle  
James Bryson lodger 39  upholsterer Scotland  
William Lazenby lodger 25  joiner Topcliffe  
John Ferdinand Forster head 25  tobacconist Alnwick  
Mary Ferdinand  Forster wife 24   Alnwick  
Catherine Jane Forster dau 1   Alnwick  
Henry Trotter Hall head 27  stonemason Lilburn  
Margaret Hall wife 25   Berwick  
Frances Hall dau 3   Alnwick  
Ann Hall dau 2   Alnwick  
Alice Jane Hall dau baby   Alnwick  
John Southerton head 46  coachpainter Byker  
Julia Southerton wife 42   Alnwick  
William Southerton son 16  pupil teacher national school Alnwick  
George Southerton son 15  coachpainter Alnwick  
Frances J Southerton dau 10  scholar Alnwick  
Anne Southerton dau 8  scholar Alnwick  
John Southerton son 5  scholar Alnwick  
Julia Southerton dau 5  scholar Alnwick  
Hugh Southerton son 2   Alnwick  
William Andrews head 39  Colour staff sgt. Northumb.    
         Militia & Chelsea Pensioner Norwich  
Isabella Andrews wife  34   Berwick  
William Selby Andrews son 10  scholar Berwick  
Margaret Grey Andrews dau 8  scholar Berwick  
Sarah Lockwell Andrews dau 3   Berwick  
Samuel Walter Andrews son 1   Berwick  
Thomas Crawford head 50  publican & day labourer Alnwick  
Margaret Ann Crawford wife 40   Alnwick  
Sarah Ann Crawford dau 7  scholar Alnwick  
Isabella E Crawford dau 6  scholar Alnwick  
Elizabeth Crawford dau 4   Alnwick  
Elizabeth Gilson boarder 3   Alnwick  
Andrew Mulvany head 52  staff sgt,Northumberland    
         Militia & Chelsea Pensioner Ireland  
Elizabeth Mulvany wife 51   Armargh  
Elizabeth Binns dau 24  cabinet makers wife Quebec Canada  
Mary Jane Mulvany dau 21  dressmaker Montreal Canada  
William Binns gson 2   Alnwick  
Andrew Binns gson baby   Alnwick  
John Cook head 51  brewer and maltster Longhorsely  
Margaret Cook wife 60   Lesbury  
Jane Reay  dau w  31   Lesbury  
William Reay  gson 5   Lesbury  
John Reay  gson     Lesbury  
Ann Richardson head 57  monthly nurse Rothbury  
Elizabeth Richardson dau 15  scholar Alnwick  
James Keen head 25  clog manufacturer Alnwick  
Margaret Keen wife 25   Alnwick  
James Keen son 3   Alnwick  
Alice   Keen dau 2   Alnwick  
William Keen son baby   Alnwick  
Isabella Bohill visitor 15   Alnwick  
Elizabeth Ferry head 24   Lesbury  
Matthew Ferry brother 20  tobacconist Lesbury  
Robert Ferry brother 16  govt pupil teacher Alnwick  
William Ferry brother 13  scholar Alnwick  
Walter Devereux head  29  woodcarver Shoreditch  
Louisa Ann Devereux wife 25   Shoreditch  
Frederick Devereux son 5  scholar Shoreditch  
Margaret  Thompson head /u 55  dressmaker Alnwick  
Elizabeth Enright head /u 36  English teacher Ireland  
Mary Enright mother 55  visitor Ireland  
Colin Campbell head 57  officer of Inland rev. & excise Scotland  
Isabella Campbell wife 52   Scotland  
Mary Campbell dau 28  employed at home Scotland  
Isabella Campbell dau 23  milliner Scotland  
Margaret  Campbell dau 21  at home Scotland  
Catherine Alex. Campbell dau 13  scholar Newcastle  
Colina Campbell dau 11  scholar Newcastle  
James Campbell son 5  scholar Alnwick  
William Williamson boarder 39  decorator Portsmouth  
Thomas Thompson head 71  stonemason Ford  
Elizabeth Thompson wife 66   Chatton  
Ellen Thompson dau-in-law 42   Embleton  
Mary Thompson gdau 10  scholar Alnwick  
James Thompson g'son 7  scholar Alnwick  
Thomas Wood boarder 23  slater Bambro  
Thomas Athey boarder 19  slater Morpeth  
Richard Darling head 29  slater Kyloe  
Ann Darling wife 26   Wooler  
William Thew   1819-1905 head 42  comm clerk for cabinet mkr. Alnwick moved to Pottergate by 1871.  Accountant
Mary Thew wife 42  upholsterer & auctioneer Warkworth  
Mary Thew dau 14  scholar Alnwick  
William Thew son 10  scholar Alnwick  
Ann Thew dau 6  scholar Alnwick  
David  Kenley head 51  stonemason 1810-1891 Alnwick see 1851 entry under Mackenley
Eleanor Kenley wife 52   Alnwick  
William Kenley son 14  drapers assistant Alnwick  
Jane Kenley dau 12  scholar Alnwick  
Joseph Robertson head 48  joiner Alnwick  
Isabella Robertson wife 45   Whittingham  
Robert Davison head 50  master stonemason / 5 men Alnwick  
Elizabeth Davison wife 38   Warkworth  
William Davison son 16  grocers apprentice Alnwick  
George Davison son 11  scholar Alnwick  
Robert Davison son 9  scholar Alnwick  
Thomas Davison son 7  scholar Alnwick  
Isabella Davison dau 4   Alnwick  
John Davison son 2   Alnwick  
James Simpson  head 26  master draper 1835-1920 Alnmouth 1871 distrib of stamps.1881 postmaster
Janet Simpson wife 26   Scotland in Fenkle St PO.1901 retired to Alnmouth
Robert Simpson son baby   Alnwick 1911 widowed living with son Bailiffgate
Margaret Gilholme servant 15  house servant Alnwick d1920 probate £689.19.3 to son
Margaret Thompson head 66  slater Budle Newtown  
Eleanor Pirie visitor 6   Balmbro  
Catherine Anderson head 53  laundress Alnham  
Elizabeth Anderson dau 17  assistant laundress Alwinton  
Newton Anderson son 19  blacksmith Alwinton  
Elizabeth Landells head 60  washerwoman Alnwick  
Ann Jours neice 28  assistant washerwoman Balmbro  
Mary Ann Jours gt neice 1   Balmbro  
John Cook head 28  carriage dyle turner Blyth  
William Pringle head 39  joiner Lowick  
Frances Pringle wife 39   Alnwick  
Edward Pringle son 12  scholar Alnwick  
Elizabeth Pringle dau 10  scholar Alnwick  
Mary   Pringle dau 7  scholar Alnwick  
William Pringle son 2   Alnwick  
George Hume head 38  blacksmith Alnwick  
Ann Hume wife 29   Alnwick  
Sarah Hume dau 12  scholar Alnwick  
Elizabeth Hume dau 10  scholar Alnwick  
Ann Hume dau baby   Alnwick  
Mary Robson head/w 56   Alnwick  
Isabella Robson dau/u 22  ag labourer Alnwick  
Robert Andrew Robson grandson baby   Alnwick  
Jane Shotten lodger 54  stocking knitter Wooler  
James Amery lodger 4   Alnwick  
George Thew head 34  house carpenter Alnwick  
Eleanor Thew wife 33   Wooler  
William Thew son 3   Alnwick  
Mary Thew dau 3   Alnwick  
Ann  Mackenley head 80  widow Rothbury  
Robert  Rochester head 28  Post Office messenger Morpeth  
John  Gill head 34  Horse breaker Felton  
George Gill brother 30  Horse breaker Alnwick  
Jane Gill sister 22  house keeper Alnwick  
Margaret Henderson head/w 66  proprietor of houses Scotland  
Jane Henderson dau 22   Alnwick  
Betsy Simm boarder 62 formerly needlewoman somerset  
Thomas Taylor lodger 28  teacher at ragged school Bambro  
William Maule head 57  coach builder/harness maker Wooler  
Ann  Maule wife 58  emp 26 men & 11 boys Newcastle  
Frederick John Maule son 25  coach builder Alnwick  
Edwin Davidson Maule son 23  coach builder Alnwick  
Jane Taylor servant 17  house servant Alnwick  
Robert  Elliott head 52  land surveyor Elsdon  
Isabella Elliott wife 38   Warkworth  
Isabella Elliott dau 10  scholar Warkworth  
Margaret Elliott dau 8  scholar Warkworth