Get shooting- New Photo Competition announced

Posted: 27.10.14

The subject of the 2015 Bailiffgate photography exhibition is "Northumberland Events". You can begin taking great pictures straightaway, as all pictures taken until 1st September 2015 are eligible-see full details



We are giving you lots of notice so you have the whole year to take lots of photos and choose your personal favourite five.

What we are looking for are attractive and unusual images of the people of Northumberland organising and participating in events of all kinds, small or large, in villages and towns or the countryside. To qualify each photograph must be taken of an event taking place between now and September 1st 2015.


How the competition will work 

To take part in the initial shortlisting you will upload up to  five favourite digital images to the Bailiffgate website .. All of these must contain people. As you upload you will be asked to state:

         Who the people were      *Not necessarily names but eg "Runners in the Glanton Show Race" (above) 
         Where the shot was taken
         What event this was (if not already stated)
         When the shot was taken


The shortlisted entrants will then be invited to submit an A4 or larger print of their selected photograph(s) for exhibition in Bailiffgate Museum between November 2015 and January 2016 . There will be prizes for the overall winner and category winners,