Branton Nature Conservation Area




Constructed from a former sand and gravel quarry Branton lakes is a valuable resource for the local community and is a great attraction for visitors to the Breamish Valley and Northumberland National Park.

The site has two lakes and facilities for walking and observing wildlife. The surrounding land provides grassland for grazing and, on the site itself, there are shingle beds and scrapes for bird nesting, and areas of standing water providing a variety of habitats close to the River Breamish. With strategically placed footpaths, wildlife has secluded areas to live, breed and thrive.

Branton Nature Conservation Area is planted with an assortment of mainly broadleaved native British trees. It’s sown with a ryegrass dominated grass mix, with 20% wildflower seed that encourages native flora and fauna. Several habitats are built into the conservation area to encourage wildlife, e.g. nesting islands, lake margin woodland and reed beds.

There is a footpath all around the nature reserve. This means visitors have great views of wildlife activity on both lakes, and in the woods and reed beds, from almost any position.

There is also a bird hide at the west lake with disabled access along a suitable path leading from the car park. It’s frequently used by the North Northumberland Bird Club and local enthusiasts continue to monitor the type and number of breeds of bird that live at, and visit, the site.

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