Alnwick Playhouse

Alnwick Playhouse outside


Alnwick Playhouse is firmly established as one of the leading small venues in the North of England. It is a wonderful and vibrant arts centre, and a remarkably strong and valuable part of the community.


One of  many streamed world-class dramas at the Playhouse

                                         A scene from one of many world-class dramas streamed to The Playhouse, as well as local performances

Its mission is to enrich the life of the community through diverse, inspiring cultural experiences. It achieves this by providing a rich and balanced mix of professional touring drama, music, dance and film of the highest quality. The Playhouse also produces an educational and outreach programme seeking to promote the arts in every corner of the Alnwick District.

The Playhouse was originally built in 1925 and operated as a 700 seat Cinema and occasional Music Hall until changing public tastes led to a sad decline and eventual closure in 1979. The building was saved from demolition by the professional touring group Northumberland Theatre Company.  They bought the building and converted the ground floor into a rehearsal and administrative base for their productions. The Company are now known as NTC Touring Theatre Company and take their highly acclaimed productions all over the country.

There is now online booking for all events.



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