Dear Headteacher


DIG IT – How We Know What We Know

School Visits in conjunction with  an archaeology exhibition designed for children

Wednesday 30th August to Sunday October 29th  2017


We are delighted to announce a forthcoming exhibition which gives children in our local schools an ideal opportunity to learn about the amazing archaeology of our area with lots of hands on and educational activities.


From Stone Age to Modern times pupils can take a look at some of our key archaeological sites and discover how people lived, worked and played in Northumberland over the past 10,000 years.


Exhibits and activities will include-


· Arial photographs of key sites with relevant artefacts and information

· Maps and directions of how to access the actual sites

· Supervised digs using dig boxes where you can be an archaeologist for an hour and learn how to dig and catalogue your finds

· Reconstruct pots from shards and bones from fragments

· Handle and identify tools and artefacts

· Dress in costumes from the different ages

· Learn how archaeologists work and how they find out about the past

· Experience the interior of a Roundhouse

· Visit sites using virtual reality

· Model of Harbotttle Castle and other significant archaeological finds from around the county



School visits to the gallery can be arranged and can include associated hands on activities and simulated dig sessions.


Further information will be sent in early September but we advise you to book your exhibition as soon as possible. Do keep an eye on the website.


For further information and booking visits contact -

Vivien Kay on 01665 605847 or


We hope your school will be able to take advantage of this fantastic curriculum opportunity so close at hand.


Yours faithfully,



Vivien Kay


Museum Administrator