Eta Ingham Lawrie announces new Weaving Courses for 2018

12/01/2018: Two more of these hugely popular Saturday courses have just been announced for 2018. One is for beginners, and one for those who have already begun to develop weaving skils   Read »

Free Classical Concert Sunday March 4th 2pm onwards

11/01/2018: Alnwick Symphonic Wind Ensemble(An offshoot of Alnwick Playhouse Concert Band) will be playing a selection of classical works by Mozart, Gounod, Elgar and Dvorak etc.   Read »

Free Cookie with Tea or Coffee in the Cookie Jar

09/12/2017: The Bistro of the Cookie Jar Hotel is conveniently situated right next to Bailiffgate Museum. Just show your museum entry receipt and receive a free cookie with each tea or coffee.   Read »

From Russia with Camaraderie. Russian party comes to Bailiffgate

19/11/2017: The museum was recently visited by representatives of Russian local cultural heritage organisations.   Read »

Attention all Parents and Teachers. A great new free competition for all pupil ages

13/10/2017: Our new exciting exhibition for Summer 2018 is all about Toys through the ages. Your child's work can be included   Read »