How we are Run


Bailiffgate Museum and Gallery is almost exclusively led and run by volunteers.

Strategic direction is provided by a board of trustees whose members each take oversight of an area of the museum operation. Committees of trustees and volunteers are formed to take operational responsibility for day to day activity e.g. Collections, Marketing, HLF Project etc. An Operational Steering Group (OSG) has responsibility for day-to-day management. A very small number of paid staff work alongside our volunteers to ensure that the museum is successful in achieving its core purpose and continues to retain Accredited Museum status. 

The museum is entirely dependent upon the money it raises, whether through grants from public bodies, charities and trusts or from a variety of fundraising activities.

Our current trustees are:

Chair: Mal Graham

Vice Chair: Bryan Ellis

Company Secretary: Nick Naylor

Treasurer: Ian Waggot

 Jean Humphrys

Karen McMaster-Park

Rachel Bell

Bill Grisdale (nominated representative of Alnwick Town Council)


Do please  contact us if you would like to ask specific questions of any Trustee, or you are interested in becoming a Trustee now or in the future.