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Sewing@the B -Parent and Child + Using Patterns+ Xmas Sewing@the B -Parent and Child + Using Patterns+ Xmas

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Sewing@the B -Parent and Child + Using Patterns+ Xmas

Parent and Child Sewing 15th July: £25.00
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Sewing for Xmas 4th November : £25.00
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Using Patterns Sat 2nd Sept : £25.00
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Sewing@the B -Parent and Child + Using Patterns+ Xmas

Sewing @ the B 

Three different courses have just been announced in our ever-popular series:

Saturday 15th July 2017 - A "Parent and Child session" 

NB.open to all adults with an accompanying child they wish to help take up the enjoyable and useful skill of sewing, so a grandparent or guardian is equally welcome. 

Saturday 2nd September  2017 "Using Patterns"


Saturday 4th November2017 "Sewing for Xmas"


All take place in Bailiffgate  Museum  between 10.00 AM and  4 PM with a price of £25, including the provision of basic materials.

You are strongly recommended to book one or both courses now using the options on the left, as places on both courses are limited. 



Parent and Child Session  (15July) 

 It used to be easy. Parents and grandparents naturally passed on skills to the next generation. Sometimes as hobbies, making essential items in a thriftier age or by working together as a family to earn a living. It's different now, learning skills, such as machine sewing has skipped a generation or even two. Without  effort these valuable skills could disappear, depriving everyone of the enjoyment  of making items such as clothes, gifts and household pieces. 

This workshop will appeal to a grandparent or parent who wishes to pass on what they know to the next generation. It may be that their own skills are bit rusty and they would welcome a bit of a refresher. They may have a sewing machine packed away in a cupboard and have been meaning to get it out for some time.
It will also appeal to the older generation who have very few skills but would like to learn at the same time as the younger person. Learning together is always a great way to acquire new skills.
A sewing machine is essential. but we can provide one as long as we know in advance. All materials are free.
Everyone will leave the day with an item they have made and the knowledge to carry on sewing at home.
We believe in having fun while we learn and we definitely want to inspire the next generation to become enthusiastic machine sewers.
Price £25 per pair (ie adult and child) .  Please book via our website or calling in to the museum*.
              *Where you may leave a £10 non returnable deposit if preferred.


USING PATTERNS   (2nd Sept) 

Who is the course suitable for?

People who have some confidence in using their machine and understand basic hand and machine sewing techniques.

What you will learn

We want to help people with some basic sewing and machining skills to move on to understanding and working  with  patterns and making a garment which will include-

making darts

fitting a zip


applying interfacing

fitting a waistband

What needs to happen before the 2nd Sept ?

We would also like you to buy a pattern and fabric in advance of the class. We will then teach you how to fit the pattern to your own body shape, cut out the pattern and prepare it for sewing. We will then begin the process of constructing the garment. We will ensure that when you leave you know how to complete the project at home.

Our advice about choosing a pattern :

Keep it simple. We advise a basic skirt. Look at the following patterns

Simplicity 1465

New Look 6053

New Look 6290

A simple shift dress pattern can be found

New Look 6145 or 6095

These are really simple patterns. You will notice lots of other exciting patterns but we think that gaining confidence and  learning on a simple one may be best.


If you really cannot see yourself wearing a straight skirt (we understand!),and you need some advice please get in touch and we will advise you about a project which could have a similar level of challenge.


Our advice about fabric:

Plain, please! No obvious  pattern or stripes that need to be matched. Please avoid tartans! A wool mix is a good fabric but an inexpensive fabric will be good enough for your first time.

We can, and are very happy, to give you advice about both pattern and fabric in advance of the class if you wish. Once you have booked your place we will be available to answer your questions before we meet to ensure you can make the most out of the day.

We have some simple patterns but home dress making is about getting a perfect fit for yourself, so it is best to create a pattern that really works for you. You can then use it again and again, adapting it  ( perhaps adding pockets) and using different fabrics.

We will focus on ensuring that you can complete the project with confidence at home.

Where to buy patterns and fabrics

John Lewis, Fenwicks, Sewing Box Morpeth ( has less dress fabric but still keeps some), The Pin Cushion, Amble, First for Fabrics( Benton, near ASDA))

Cotton fabrics, suitable for summer skirts, can also be purchased at Powburn Cafe  and Fine Furnishings,  Alnwick.

We provide-

 Iron, pressing cloths, spare pins, hand sewing needles, some scissors, practice patterns.

Scraps of fabric for practise on sewing machine

1:1 tuition

You provide-

A pattern for your own project  - please do not cut it out before our class. We will show you how to get the perfect fit and we may adapt the basic pattern sizes.

The required fabric, thread and interfacing.

Zip (not invisible, please)

Good quality scissors, spools of thread for your machine, pins, hand-sewing needles

Quick unpick tool- essential! We all make mistakes.

Spare bobbins and needles for your machine, instruction manual- just in case!

Sewing machine and its instruction book, please! If you do not have a machine please let us know in advance. We will have some spare machines but numbers will be limited.

Hilary Waugh,  Jill Mallen and Jane Mann- Your tutors

All of our tutors are experienced teachers who have been making their own clothes since they were teenagers. Jane also teaches knitting at Treaclehandknits in Morpeth.

They are all very keen to ensure that everyone can get something out of the day and will adapt the sessions to suit individuals. 

Event Information

Tickets From: £25.00