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Sewing @ the B.:Making a Garment using a Pattern. It's Sew Easy! Sewing @ the B.:Making a Garment using a Pattern. It's Sew Easy! Sewing @ the B.:Making a Garment using a Pattern. It's Sew Easy!

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Sewing @ the B.:Making a Garment using a Pattern. It's Sew Easy!

Using Patterns Sept 2nd : £25.00
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Sew for Xmas Nov 4th: £25.00
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Sewing @ the B.:Making a Garment using a Pattern. It's Sew Easy!

Sewing @ the B Saturday 2nd September 10am to 4pm

Two courses remain this year in our ever-poular sewing series:


Saturday 2nd September  2017 " Making a Garment Using a Pattern-It's Sew Easy"


Saturday 4th November2017 "Sewing for Xmas"


Both take place in Bailiffgate  Museum  between 10.00 AM and  4 PM with a price of £25, including the provision of basic materials.

You are strongly recommended to book one or both courses now using the options on the left, as places on both courses are limited. 


2nd Sept : Making a Garment.....Using a pattern…..It's Sew Easy!

We want to help people with some basic sewing and machining skills to move on to working with a pattern and making a garment which could include-


fitting a zip,

fitting in sleeves,


attaching pockets,

applying interfacing,


fitting a waistband.

We will give the class of a choice of projects to work from.

We would also like you to buy a pattern in advance of the class. We will then advise you how to choose the right fabric, cut out the pattern and prepare it for sewing.

Our advice about choosing a pattern, keep it simple. Basic skirt/dress /trousers/top.

We can give you advice about this in advance of the class if you wish. Once you have booked your place we will be available to answer your questions before we meet to ensure you can make the most out of the day.

We will focus on ensuring that you can complete the project with confidence at home. The world of sewing is at your feet. Literally -with an electric machine.

We provide-

Iron, pressing cloths, spare pins, hand sewing needles, some scissors, practice patterns.

Scraps of fabric for practise on sewing machine

You provide-

A pattern for your own project to complete after the class.

Good quality scissors, spools of thread for your machine, pins, hand-sewing needles

Quick unpick tool- essential! We all make mistakes.

Spare bobbins and needles for your machine, instruction manual- just in case!

Sewing machine and its instruction book, please! If you do not have a machine please let us know in advance. We will have some spare machines but numbers will be limited.

Advice for people who will be joining us on Sept 2nd.
The clothes we make will depend upon our own personal style and body shape but our general advice for choosing patterns for our class is to keep it simple. Skirts and dresses are easier than trousers due to issues about fitting them and inserting zips with a fly. However, given that I personally like wearing trousers, I am giving one simple pair below which does include a side zip. Plus pyjama bottoms- as we can have fun making our own.
We like to build confidence as we go and hope people will do well at the basic level and be inspired to tackle more complex things. The pattern envelope will give valuable advice about which fabrics to choose and extras you may need to buy. Patterns usually come in multi sizes so buy the one that comfortably includes your size. Please do not cut out your pattern before the day.
Two simple dresses that work very well with different fabrics. New Look-6095,6145
Trousers - Burda 7062
Pyjama bottoms- Simplicity 8022
Skirts- Butterick 5431, Simplicity 1465
Buy patterns from Fenwicks and John Lewis plus The Sewing Box in Morpeth. Fabric – Try First for Fabrics at Unit 9B, North Tyne Industrial Estate, Whitley Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 9SZ. They also do patterns. Best to see fabric rather than buy on internet at this point. You can feel its suitability.
Please get in touch with me if you need any help. I am happy to talk over the phone to help get things right so you can make the most on the day. Look forward to hearing from you. Contact Vivien at ask@bailiffgatemuseum.co.uk if you want to talk to me.
Best wishes, Jane


Please make a note of our other popular Saturday sewing courses throughout 2017 in your 2017 diary. Book now to ensure your place in them all... 


NB A sewing machine is essential although the Museum can supply machines for a small deposit.

If you have any queries please email ask@bailiffgatemuseum.co.uk marked for the attention of Jane Mann and we will get in touch with you.

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